Contact Lenses – The Then and Now

Contact Lenses – The Then and Now

Young adults may not always prefer to wear spectacles all day long as they may find them tedious sand cumbersome to wear. Some people also feel that glasses make them look nerdy or geeky. A pair of spectacles may well cover almost half of the face; one may also feel that that they conceal the true facial features.

It is for this very reason that most people now prefer to opt for the convenient alternative of contact lens. No one will ever know that you short of far sighted and ladies can wear eye makeup as well as spot trendy eyewear.

Types of contact lenses

  • Cosmetic Colored Lenses – How about changing your natural eye color for a while?
  • Circle Lens – They make one’s eyes look darker and bigger
  • Bifocal– they offer a complete clear vision
  • Disposable contact lenses – Wear them and dispose them after use. They are healthy and hygienic to wear too.
  • Custom Contact Lenses – They are the best to work always
  • Prosthetic lenses –These lenses are for people who have disfigurements or a mask eye injury
  • Holovision –If bifocal lenses do not work, then this type of lens will work
  • Toric – These lenses correct astigmatism
  • Theatrical or SPFX –Want a dramatic change in your eyes? Go for these
  • Hard lenses or Gas Permeable (GP)–Though uncomfortable at times, they offer a long-lasting crisp vision

Can you get your pair of colored lenses without the prescription?

Calling all people with flawless vision! The term ‘Plano lenses’ alludes to the fact that these lenses can be brought without a prescription! It not only does make these the handiest lenses to your healthy eyes butalso can be worn with your glasses on! Majority of the people are Plano users, although these lenses are used for adding effect to your twinkling eyes! Colored contact lenses have now become a type of make-up; a fashion trend, and not only just a medical solution for the eyes! These circle lenses are of high quality for us to have a clear vision. Colored lenses in all colours are very affordable, easy to get and most of all creating a shiny lush to your eyes.

Whatever maybe the choice of contact lenses whether coloured or transparent, individuals need to ensure that all precautions are maintained while handling them. It would be the only way to ensure that contact lenses serve the purpose of providing crystal clear vision and also to protect the eyes from any sort of infection or discomfort.