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Difference between condos and apartments buy. Which one is better?

Buying or renting an apartment is common nowadays. At the same time, selling an apartment is also a known fact. Sometimes you will get profit and sometimes no profit. So, coming to the point, condos gained such a demand much more than the apartments today. People are feeling like living in a condo is a pleasure than living in an apartment. Here there is a difference between a condo and an apartment. Condos are authorized by the HOA homeowners association.  You have to pay fees to HOA if you want to live in a specific condo in the name of renting. You will also be provided with required amenities like an apartment lifestyle of living.  This HOA fee is not at all seen in apartment renting. This is why choosing the best condo like 1 bedroom condo for sale singapore does matter.

first-time condo buyers:

Let’s discuss in detail in what way condo living and apartment living differs:

  • Choosing the right condo like 1 bedroom condo for sale singapore is the major objective to the renters and buyers as well. If you look upon an apartment, you will find more renters than owners. Similarly, condos are seen in the name of individual units where each unit is purchased or rented out by singles or family individuals.
  • Similar to apartments, condos do have an equal range of facilities, decorations. But in condos, you have to carry your stuff which should be mandatorily well cared for and maintained. Otherwise, you will be charged with more maintenance costs by the HOA. This is what is not seen with apartment living. Here in apartments, you have to take care of maintenance and if any damages you need to repair it with your money. In some cases, if your rented apartment is maintained by any professional company then you need to pass your request for the maintenance perspective. But in condos, the HOA community will take care of every condo unit personally.
  • For example, if you are living in a rented condo, you have to be prepared at any time to shift for a new home sometimes. Yes, there is a possibility in condos living on a rental basis. If your condo owner sells his condo to some other person and if the new owner never wanted his condo to rent, then immediately you have to shift to the new home.


This is why proper research and based on benefits, condo or apartment living is preferred. Apart from the above reasons, try to know more about these two lifestyle living. Hope the information is helpful.