Self love in the journey of life

There goes a well known saying-“Self love is the elixir of life”. Yes, rightly said as it is the essence of our survival and existence. A person who loves himself or herself is a sheer proof of having hope and faith in the journey of life. People need to love themselves to experience true magic in the present and beyond. Since the moment we take birth in this world, our minds face different kind of conditioning from varied people –starting from our parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbours to our friends. We are mostly told to look exteriorly to seek love in this materialistic world. The happiness gained from the exterior world though gives us temporary pleasure and a sense of exhilaration but it isn’t forever. The love we find when we go deep inside the core of us, is actually the true love we keep searching outside.

      Now, the natural question which would creep in your mind is to how to take the first step? Well, as every journey of a mile distance starts with the very first step. Accepting yourself is the pivotal step for going deep into your core and understanding what it needs and desires. Ignoring this core essence of learning would leave you astray and hinder the path. In this aspect, looking yourself in the mirror and accepting your flaws and goodness both internally as well as externally would help in self introspection and the more you go deeper in a true manner, the more you would start to accept yourself.

     Sometimes, it may feel like you are getting distracted from the path but then when you stick to remember that this is a process rather than a goal or destination you would instantaneously come to the track. You might feel or hopeless but then do keep it in mind that you have come here to this world for a divine purpose. Until and unless you love yourself completely and truly, you can never devote yourself to your true aim nor would be able to love another person. The more you start loving and accepting yourself, the more you start to feel happier and radiate love and positivity around.

Loving ourselves work miracles in our lives.  It inherently means that the more we see ourselves as an unique soul and person capable of doing anything best, the more we love ourselves and the less we criticize we create a plethora of magical opportunities right in our life. Another key aspect in loving ourselves is Self respect. There may be moments of rejection, despair and disappointment but during these very harsh times, we need to stick to embracing and respecting our core inner self. Respecting our own individuality, choices and specialty of our values and character is extremely important to lead a true, happy and peaceful life.

     People may have different ways by which they love themselves. But the underlying thing is the same no matter what it is. Start by doing things which you love  like dreading, singing , gardening, dancing, cycling or as simple as basking in the sun on an early morning out there at a beach.

Thus key to self love is accepting yourself as just as you are, respecting your choices and admire yourself because no one in this entire world can love you more than you can love yourself.

So start with you now this very moment!