What are the various models of elliptical trainers?

What are the various models of elliptical trainers?

Elliptical trainers are multifunction and popular exercise equipment. They are giving you a full-body workout without straining your joints and muscles. And for those who look for a high-intensity or low-impact workout, elliptical trainers are the best to use. And through the years it is innovating and it gives you a great advantage. For those who love to use elliptical trainers, there are different types that you can find in cross-trainers Australia. And each has its characteristics that you will love to try.

Rear-drive elliptical

It is the oldest design for elliptical trainers but it is still useful and most people are using it. Many people like to use it because of the position of the flywheel and it gives you a stable and smooth motion. Since the flywheel is in the rear, the center balance of this type of machine can now be seen in the center. When using the machine it replicates the natural motion of walking or running. It gives you the chance to have a natural and stress-free workout.

Front-drive elliptical

The front-drive elliptical is placing the flywheel in the front of the machine and the back. The pedal style slide in the tracks and it has a vertical motion compared to rear-drive ellipticals. It will also depend on the slope because sometimes it gives you a workout that is the same as a stair climber. The front-drive ellipticals are lower to the ground. Also, it offers a good option for people with less mobility because it doesn’t need to step over to the machine to use it.

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Center drive elliptical

It is the latest iteration of the elliptical format, the flywheels are located on all sides of the pedals. It is the same as front-drive and center-drive ellipticals that give you a vertical motion and it acts as a stair climber machine. Center drive ellipticals allow you to be more upright during the workout. As they don’t like you to lean forward or on the handrails. And because it is a center drive elliptical the placement of the flywheel is parallel to the pedals. It can give more compact than those that are in front and rear-drive models. It is the reason why this kind of style is ideal for a home gym. And many people like it because it has a lesser strain on your knee and hip joints.

Standard elliptical trainers

It is a basic and usual elliptical trainer model. It usually focuses on cardio exercise and the flywheel is in any position. And because it focuses on the lower body workouts, the range of exercise will depend on the location of the flywheel. It tends to give you a lower-impact workout compare to other elliptical models.