iso 9001 singapore

What exactly is iso 9001 Singapore?

CCIS was first consolidated in Singapore in 1992 as a global gathering to give free TRAINING, CONSULTING, and AUDITING of the executive’s frameworks for on-time affirmation of client associations across modern and business areas in the locale. With a settled-up capital of S$400,000 in Singapore, CCIS distinguishes itself as a free gathering of worldwide administration framework and chance administration mentors, specialists, and examiners.


Our consultancy administrations are directed with due care and ingenuity, as CCIS is resolved to maintain incredible skill at work. CCIS will offer counsel and direction in our venture-driven approach to work with our clients for their drawn-out execution interests while staying away from “coddling” for transient passes or falls flat. CCIS values showing its clients by utilizing the authority and legitimate approach, characterized as how risk appraisal ought to be led instead of finishing such gamble evaluations for them. The ability to move the framework approach is crucial for us, and just MOM endorsed faculties are utilized in our bizSAFE administrations in the preparation, consultancy, and reviews stages.

Would it be a good idea for you to go to the Internal Auditor Training?

This 1-day Internal Auditor Training course guarantees an extensive exchange of information and comprehension of the inside review process given ISO 9001 Singapore:2015 prerequisites. Through this course, members will grasp the necessities and changes for ISO 9001:2015 and secure the essential information and abilities to lead an inward review. Toward the finish of the course, members can likewise play out an internal review in light of ISO 19011:2018 necessities.

The ISO 9001 is the world’s most perceived Quality Management System (QMS) standard. It means assisting organizations with successfully addressing the requirements of their clients and different partners by building a system to guarantee steady quality in the arrangement of products or potential benefits.

iso 9001 singapore

Who ought to go to the Internal Auditor Training?

The board Representative (MR)

Center Managers

Practical Heads

Quality Practitioners

Assigned Internal Auditors for the Company

Inside Auditor Training Course Content

Module 1 (0900-1300) – ISO 19011:2018

Presentation and Ice Breaker

Outline of Course Outline

Terms and Definitions Used in an Audit

Standards of an Audit

Dealing with an Audit Program

Work process on Conducting an Audit

Review Strategy (Practical Tips)

Partner Exercise: Non-Conformance and Issues

Module 2 (1400-1800) – ISO 9001:2015

Achievement and Timeline of ISO 9001

Nonexclusive changes in ISO 9001:2015

Explicit changes in ISO 9001:2015

Partner Test and Exercise – Audit Checklist Preparation

MCQ Test – Concepts and Requirements

Contextual analyses Test (Spotting Non-conformance)